Martin-Miser Associates provides EEO and Personnel consulting services. Specifically, with a focus on EEO investigations, EEO counselings, preparation of Final Agency Decisions (FADs), EEO training and prepared reference materials.


For over 40 years, Martin-Miser Associates has been engaged exclusively in the area of Federal EEO and Personnel consulting services.

Martin-Miser Associates has gained a reputation of extensive experience and excellence managing Federal contracts. Our entire organization, from management and staff through independent investigators and counselors, strives for continual excellence and timeliness in meeting, and surpassing, the standards of our client agencies in the areas of quality control, tracking, measuring, and resolving performance issues.


Quality product.

Timely results.

A leader in the industry, we take pride in providing the most comprehensive and judicious reports of investigations available.


Knowledge you can trust.

We have performed over 15,000 individual EEO Complaint Investigations for various Federal Agencies.


Exceptional service.

Our investigators, Counselors, Mediators, Trainers and FAD Writers are located strategically throughout the Country.


Proudly serving the U.S. Government.

Supplying via General Services Administration Contract Number GS-02F-045GA.


EEO Investigations – Meditations – Counseling – Training. 
Proudly serving the U.S. Government for over 40 years.
Innovative. Collaborative. Dedicated. Committed.